Smart Antivirus Pro Anti-spyware Anti-malware 2018 v1 [Paid] APK

Smart Antivirus Pro Anti-spyware Anti-malware 2018 v1 [Paid]

Requirements: 4.1 and up

Overview: Features Smart Antivirus Pro(full-featured and ad no ads)

1. Antivirus/Anti-spyware /Anti-malware/Anti Ransomware
Scan the system, pre-installed and user-installed apps to keep your device safe from viruses, Trojans, vulnerabilities, adware and spyware. Keep your privacy safe by scrubbing personal info from your device.

2. App Lock Smart Antivirus Pro: 
AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. Ensure security.
No one can find out your secrets!

4.JUNK CLEAN - MEMORY BOOST Smart Antivirus Pro:
Free up memory (RAM) and save more battery. 

5. Anti-Ransomware is security tool that can protect against existing and emerging ransomware attacks(Ransomware is a category of malicious software designed to block access to your computer and files until you pay a large sum of money. Download our advanced ransomware vaccine right now to stay safe from losing your money or files.**)
Delete junk files, residual files and cache to free up storage, boost speed and improve the performance of your Android device and SD card. Keep your phone clean and fast.
The scan is automatically initiated when an app is installed, keeping your devices safe.
¦ Antivirus Engine: Virus and malware scanner automatically scans for infected/dangerous apps and Trojans upon first use. Includes Web & file scanning for complete mobile protection, and also protects against spyware and viruses.
¦ App Permissions: Provides insights about installed apps and helps you understand your apps’ access rights, ad network integrations, and permissions.

Web Security - Antivirus Free & Mobile Security 
Scan websites for harmful threats. If a suspicious URL is detected, you will be redirected to a “Safe Page”.
Search, shop and use social networks with peace of mind, knowing your identity and personal data are protected from phishing and malware.
Safe Web Surfing is applicable only to Android's default browser and Chrome.
So why are you wait for just install this best antivirus app for android and keep protected your device with virus and unexpected activity. Best antivirus for android 2018 or best advanced antivirus for you.

Key Features :
-Antivirus & File Scan -- Powered by TOP antivirus engine 
-Powerful Junk clean
-Phone booster 
-Message Security
-Notification Cleaner -- No annoying notifications anymore
-One touch scan.
-Scan all apps in mobile.
-Suitable for all android versions and devices.
-Ultra fast scan engine.
-Minimum system resources.
-Check app during install.
-Background scanning of app during installation.

Note:- This app can be very useful for your mobile phone. This antivirus app is only scan all your mobile phone's apps and check for the permissions(permissions detector) which could be dangerous for you and your phone. This app is not responsible to remove any virus its self or this is not a virus remover app. Do yourself to uninstall any apps by the help of instructions of this app.
version US
This app has no advertisements


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