Simple Way to download Facebook Video using IDM+

Simple Way to download Facebook Video using IDM+

Nowadays android users, specially teens spend up to nine hours a day browsing thier social media and one of those social media platform is facebook. One of the most features of facebook is sharing photo and videos. Unlike youtube, facebook does not offer a way to download video directly from facebook app. On this article we will show to you a simple trick how to download facebook video using IDM+ app.

What is IDM+?

IDM+ is an advance downloader app available on android platform where you can download up to 500% more faster than a normal download.

IDM+ Advanced features:

• Upto 5 simultaneous downloads
• Multi part downloading - upto 32 simultaneous parts per download
• Support for proxies (with or without authentication)
• Speed limiter to limit speed of downloads (Global as well as individual)
• Refresh expired links (Direct or using inbuilt browser)
• Download password protected files
• Calculate MD5 checksum

How to download Facebook video using IDM+

1. Download and install IDM+ apk - Click here to download

2. Open IDM+ app then go to browser

3. Go to facebook then login to your fb account

4. Now browse facebook video you want to download and play it.

5. You will notice a red arrow down at the rightside of search bar. Click it.

6. Select the file you want to download

7. Now IDM+ editor will popup, You can edit the filename, download location, speed limit etc.
Click Start when you are done setting up your download.

8. You will see IDM+  downloading your file, you can check download process on your notification area.

10. Once IDM+ completes the download process you can now watch it using your favorite video player.

Suggested Media player: MX Player Pro Click here to download
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That's it! If you find this tutorial usefull please share it to your friends.
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