Ligo na Ü, Lapit na Me HDRip

Ligo na Ü, Lapit na Me

Genre: Drama

Director: Erick C. Salud

Writers: Eros S. Atalia (story), Jerry Gracio (screenplay)

Stars: Edgar Allan Guzman, Mercedes Cabral, Mel Kimura


Karl Vladimir Lennon J. Villalobos, nicknamed "Intoy", is in his third year in state university when he meets Jenny, an attractive and affluent transferee from a private university. Despite being popular among the male students, Jenny chooses to befriend Intoy, much to his astonishment and confusion as he does not consider himself attractive. When Jenny asks Intoy about his sex life, he confesses his virginity. Jenny then seduces Intoy, to which he reluctantly acquiesces. They head to a motel where they shower together and have sex.

Jenny and Intoy begin spending time together often, which makes their classmates suspect that they are a couple; Intoy vehemently denies this. In reality, Intoy and Jenny are "friends with benefits": they go on dates and have sex without any romantic affections. This agreement goes on until their senior year. They eventually get to know each other better through their dates and pillow talks.

One day, Jenny decides to end Intoy’s "benefits", which he seemingly accepts without any questions much to her surprise and exasperation. Intoy secretly refuses to accept Jenny's condition but nonetheless he pretends to concede; he has already developed feelings for Jenny and he fears that she will leave him if she finds out.

After a week of ignoring each other, Jenny unexpectedly approaches Intoy and reinstates his "benefits". They resume their original agreement until Jenny becomes mysteriously moody, and Intoy vainly tries to console her. As Intoy is about to profess his love, Jenny tells him the truth: she is pregnant, but assures Intoy that he is not the baby’s father. Jenny then cuts all contact after that day. After Jenny's disappearance, Intoy contemplates their relationship and regrets not professing his love earlier.

As a graduation present, Intoy receives ₱3,000 from his parents. He decides to spend all the money on a prostitute, a transwoman hostess, and plenty of beer: all in a futile attempt to forget about Jenny. Intoy eventually graduates and prepares to look for a job. He slowly begins to move on with his life and accept the fact that he will never see Jenny again.

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