Good time (2017) HD

Good time (2017) HD

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Movie Plot:

Constantine “Connie” Nikas and his mentally challenged younger brother, Nick, commit to rob a replacement royalty bank for $65,000. they seem to achieve success before they notice that a dye pack has been slipped in with the profit their getaway automotive, filling the automotive up with red dirt, inflicting their driver to crash.Connie and Nick head for the hills on foot. whereas making an attempt to steer home they’re stopped by 2 law enforcement officials. In spite of Connie’s request to remain calm, Nick panics and runs, leading the cops to pursue them. Nick is taken into custody whereas Connie evades arrest.

A panicky and confused Nick is placed during a Rikers Island clink, whereas Connie makes an attempt to secure a recognisance exploitation the taken money. he’s told he wants $10,000 additional to induce Nick out of jail.Connie tries to persuade his girlfriend, Corey, to pay off the balance together with her aged mother’s credit cards, however her mother cancels the cards before they’re ready to use them at the recognisance center. Connie then finds out through the bondsman that his brother has been hospitalized once associate wrangle with a fellow inmate. Connie breaks his brother out of the hospital and hides get in a stranger’s house in Queens. All looks per set up till he realizes the person he skint out of the hospital isn’t if truth be told his brother, however a damaged and ugly man named Ray UN agency has simply been discharged on parole.

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