Binhi HQ


Genre: Horror


Daniel and Cynthia, a young couple with a child on the way, experience some hard times in Manila. They head back to Baguio, where Daniel is originally from, to start over again. Through the kindness of Alex, Daniel's well-to-do childhood friend, they get to stay in a large house, rent-free; and he gets a job offer as well. The worst seems to be over for them. Or so they think. Funny things start to happen in their nice house. It starts out as movements caught on the periphery, whispered sounds, unexplained feelings. It's seems that the house in haunted. The ghost is a child. A little girl. The spirit manifests in the house and follows the occupants around. Daniel, whose past is a mystery to his wife, has been running away from something or someone in Baguio. He's starting to realize that what he has been running away from is starting to haunt him. As the story progresses, the subtle manifestations become full-blown apparitions.

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Binhi HQ Binhi HQ Reviewed by Unknown on November 09, 2017 Rating: 5

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