Skeleton in Phone Prank v1.0 Apk

Skeleton in Phone Prank v1.0 Apk

Skeleton on Screen has two Skeleton Pranks, Talking Skeleton and Scary Skeleton Live Wallpapers.

Use Skeleton Pranks to Scare your friends and Entertain your friends with Talking and Dancing Skeleton. Make your phone a scary phone with Skeleton Live Wallpapers.

Features of Skeleton in Phone Prank:
1. Skeleton on Screen Prank - Walking Skeleton and Crawling Skeleton on your phone screen. Walking Skeleton walks on your phone as you set up the Skeleton to walk on Screen. You can also chose the Crawling Skeleton on phone screen while keeps crawling on your phone screen.

2. Skeleton Popup Prank - Skeleton Popup Prank is scary Prank that will scare your friends when they suddenly see Skeleton popup on your phone out of no where. Scare friends and laugh at them.

3. Talking Skeleton - Talking Skeleton will listen to everything you say and repeat in funny skeleton voice. If you shake your phone, the skeleton will dance for entertainment. Touch they skeleton and it will make skeleton angry.

4. Skeleton Live Wallpaper - Skeleton wallpapers lets you have walking skeleton and crawling skeleton on your phone wallpaper. You can chose one the scary wallpaper backgrounds and entertain your friends.

Skeleton in Phone Prank is the best way to have skeletons in your phone.


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