How to hide Photo, Video on Android Using Calculator 2017

How to hide Photo, Video on Android Using Calculator 2017

Many of us love taking selfies,videos and downloading files came from internet that not meant to share in public. Sometimes you need to hide those files you don’t want others to see and also there's a situation that your kids,spouse or friends want to use your smartphone and you dont want them to accidentally see your private files on your phone. Maybe that's why you are here looking for a great application to hide your personal photos and videos.

Some of us know an old trick to hide photo/video by using file manager placing a dot ( . ) on start of the file name, for example " (dot)myprivatevideo.3gp " = .myprivatevideo.3gp , using that tricks you can hide your photo/video on your gallery, but what if your friends already know that trick? so he/she have a chance to rename your file and simply remove (dot) on your private file name to see what's your hiding. Stop worrying friend we will help you to secure your files on your android phone using this great app known as Private Photo, Video Locker.

What is Private Photo, Video Locker App?

A calculator Gallery Vault may look like simple calculator with the naked eye but has a secret gallery lock behind it. If you enter the correct password, this will actually allow user to Keep safe photos and videos behind fully functional Calculator.

Screenshot of the app:

Please follow the below instructions to hide your photo/video on your android phone.

 1. Download Private Photo, Video Locker apk.

2. Install your downloaded Private Photo, Video Locker apk and open it.

3. Setup your password (4-12 digits) then click equals sign (=).

4. Enter again your password to confirm. then click equal sign ( = ).

6. Setup your Password Recovery.

 5. Now tap on the plus button (+) to add files.

6.  Choose your file to hide then click the lock icon on the top rightside.

7. Now after hiding your file you can check on your gallery/media player if you are succesfully hide your file.

 What if you want to unhide your file?

1. Open your Private Photo, Video Locker App enter your password.

2. Select your hidden file folder you want to unhide, click on edit button

 3. Select your desired file to unhide. and Tap on Unlock button the one with padlock icon.

4. Choose for unhide folder.

5. Now your done unhiding your files. you can check it by looking on your phone gallery.

Useful FAQ: 

Q). My hidden files are stored online?
A. No, your hidden files are stored inside phone locally.

Q). Got new phone or phone stolen or broken. Can i recover hidden files from old phone?
A. No, currently the app do not support online backup of your hidden files so that you can not recover any of files from old phone.

Q). How do I change my password?
A. Open your secret vault first and Go to settings of calculator gallery vault app and click on Change password option.

Q). Forgot my password and how to recover? 
A. Enter 7777 = on our smart calculator. This will open password recovery screen to recover your password in your registered email id with an app.

If you have any questions about this trick you are welcome to leave your message on comment section below.

If you find this tutorial usefull please share to your friends :)

Goodluck hiding! have a nice day :)
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