How to Download Unlimited Movies Using ADM Android 2017

How to Download Movie Using ADM Android 2017

Hello readers. It's me again with a new trick that I want to share to you. 

How to Download Movie Using ADM "Advance Download Manager" on your android device?

One of our time killer hobby on our daily life is to watch movies either online via streaming or by downloading. As like what I've said on the last tutorial on How to download anime movie using IDM+ on your android device the difference between streaming vs downloading movie.

What is the difference between Streaming and Downloading? 

On my opinion, streaming and downloading are both equal by means of data consumption. In terms of quality both streaming and downloading has an options to their user whether they want a higher or lower quality resolution to watch or download movie. 
The only diffference is when you to download the movie, you can watch it later or in the future and also you can share it to your friends. while streaming is just for one time but you don't have to use huge space on your phone memory or sd card.

So If you landed up here intentionally, I’m sure you want to know how to download your favorite movie using your android device. just stick around and keep reading.

What is ADM?

ADM "Advance Download Manager" is a powerful download tools for android which offer us an advance features like downloading files simultaneously, speeding up our downloads with resume function and many more.

How to donwload movie using ADM

Please read the following steps carefully.

1. Download Advance Download Manager.

2. If you are new on installing apps from outside the playstore or unofficial apps you need to enable installing from unknown sources.

simply go to phone Settings -> Security.

just check Unknown sources

3. Install your downloaded ADM apk. and Run it.

 4. Go to ADM browser and type:

5. Click the Movie.

6. Choose date/month when the movie uploaded.

7. Select your desired movie to download.

8. Now the Editor will popup you change the filename, default path for downloaded file, threads for download and download speed.

9. After setting up your download click Start button.

That's it! enjoy downloading :)

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