How to download Anime Movies using IDM+ Android 2017

How to download Anime using IDM+ Android 2017

Hi friends! Today we will teach you on how to download your favorite anime movie/videos using IDM+ on your android device.

Since you are here maybe you are one of those people who love to watch anime movies, videos or series. Many of us use to watch anime online via streaming sites and some are downloading it first then watch later.

Then the question is,

What is the difference between Streaming and Downloading? 

On my opinion, streaming and downloading are both equal by means of data consumption. In terms of quality both streaming and downloading has an options to their user whether they want a higher or lower quality resolution to watch or download movie. 

The only diffference is when you used to download the movie, you can watch it later or in the future and also you can share it to your friends. while streaming is just for one time but you don't have to use huge space on your phone memory or sd card.

Now if you go with downloading option we will help you to make it more fast and easier.

Now lets start.

Things we need.

1. Android phone.
2. Internet connection (mobile data/wifi)
3.IDM+ apk


1. Install your downloaded IDM+ apk

2. Open it go to browser, type:

3. Click the three dotted button on the rightside. choose Request desktop site.

4. Now search or select your favorite anime and Click the Play button.

5. You will notice a red circle with number on the top rightside of the browser just click it.

6. You will see pop-up message like in the screenshot below. just click the file you want to download.

7. Now click Download.

8. Now you will see an option for your file, you can change the title, download path, your prepared internet connection and download speed. next click START.

9. Now IDM+ will download the file for you :)

10. Done.

Enjoy downloading :)

Suggested Video App Player Mx Player Download Here

Dont have internet connection? no problem.

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