Tutorial: How to make KPN Tunnel Config (Official) Android 2017

Tutorial: How to make KPN Tunnel Config (Official) Android 2017

Today i will share to you how to make KPN Tunnel (Official) Config for Android.

What is KPN Tunnel?

This is Advanced Tools to customize HTTP Request and surfing with secure conection (SSH Tunneling). if you don't know anything don't use it. if you need to know, learn about HTTP Request and Secure Shell (SSH)

- Customizing HTTP Request / Payload with command (see About for information)
- Surfing with secure connection through SSH Tunneling (OpenSSH / Dropbear)
- Forwarding all connection through VPN Service (no root) and Global Proxy (need root)
- Support Customize DNS Address for unblocking connection from ISP.
- Support UDP Protocol (Voice Call/ Video Call/Broadcast) but SSH Server need UDPGW from BadVpn
- Support HTTP Proxy / Squid & Direct Method (without proxy).

Thing we need:

1. Android device capable for H+/4g/LTE network
(you need to register to any promo or use Globe Switch App)

2. KPN Tuinnel Official App

3. SSH Acount


1. Open your KPN Tunnel App. click SSH Tunnel Settings

2. Use the image below to guide you with SSh Settings.

This is our sample SSH Account

KPN SSH Settings

* Host: - Your SSH host.

* Port: - 443

* Username: - Your SSH Username

* Password: - Your SSH Password

SSH Connection

Auto Reconnect: checked

Data Compression: unchecked

Ping Server: it's depend on your sim provider (just leave it blank)

Socks Forwarder: 1080

Connection Timeout: 10

Advance Settings

Connection Provider: VPN Service

UDPGW Port: 7300

DNS Forwarder: checked

Enable DNS: checked

Primary Dns:

Secondary Dns:

3. Press back dont worry it's auto save.

4. Open Payload Generator

5. Use image below to guide you with your Payload Settings.

The payload setup above is working for Globe/TM using Globe Switch.

For Smart/Talkntext change Method to Connect, working URL for Smart/Talkntext are always depend on your registered promo.

6. Click Generate Payload

7. Your Payload will be looks like this

8. For working remote Server use

9. Local Port: 8989

10. Now click the three dotted icon on the top right corner then click Advance.

11. Click Buffer Size

12. Set to:

Request: 16384

Recieve: 32768

13, Click Save

14. Click Start and Enjoy.

Have a nice day :)

If you find this tutorial usefull please share it to your friends.

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