Pocketown - Adventure 1.2.0 APK (Unreleased) Mod

Requirements: 4.0 +

Overview: [Brief Introduction] 
Welcome to the legendary town – Pocketown!! Your will have amazing experience here. Interesting and exciting adventure await for you. In Pocketown, numbers of pets can be captured. Go enjoy the happiness of pet raising and adventures.

---Massive Collection---
Numbers of legendary pets live in Pocketown! Start your journey in Pocketown and raise your own pets! Show your patient love and they will grow and evolve!

---Full 3D View. Free Exploration---
Full 3D View.Beautiful Scene!! You can freely explore the world of Pocketown. Go adventure and unlock all the hidden area ! What an amazing adventure!

---100% Remake ,100% Joy---
100% Remake from the Handheld game console. Go remind your happiness in Pocketown! You can also make new experience with trainers all around the world.

---Real-Time Battle---
Real-Time Battle with your friends. Allow 4 trainers battle. It’s time to show your strategy and brave! An excellent trainer should lead his pets to victory with awesome strategy!!

What's new
New Pet
120 new Pet from 1-4 generation and new Mega Evolution
New Gameplay
1. 2P Instance
a. New Function: trainers can make team with other trainers for 2P team and start 2P adventure
b. 2P team can enter the special instance for boss
2. 2P Battle
a. 2VS2 Battle : trainers can make team with friends or guild members and have real-time 2VS2 battle with others
3.Royal Battle (Death Mode)
Under Death Mode, the rule will be changed. Trainers must fight until the last one left.

1. enemy level 0 
2. High move speed character

1. Only work in Field and Elite4 
2. You need Obb to play. 
3. Move speed for faster clearing Quest

Credit : Bungsil JMT
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Pocketown - Adventure 1.2.0 APK (Unreleased) Mod Pocketown - Adventure 1.2.0 APK (Unreleased) Mod Reviewed by Unknown on September 14, 2017 Rating: 5

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