How to Unblock Talkntext Sim 100% Working 2017 Android

Do you feel frustrated asking your self why i can't connect to data connection (eg. 3G/4G/LTE) even you have a correct settings on your phone network and enabled mobile connection? maybe you have a blocked sim!?

Q: Why my sim card got blocked?

Nowadays using vpn or any third party apps as your illegal internet connection and using it to download heavy files will cause your provider to block your sim.

Q: So my last resort is to throw my sim and buy a new one?

Some of our sim has a lot of important contacts and you can still use your blocked sim to send sms, mms or even make a call.

And also i will share to you a simple trick to unblock your beloved sim.

So now lets do the unblocking tricks.


1. Your blocked sim card with atleast 2 peso load
2. Working Android phone
3. You to perform this trick.


1. Insert your blocked sim to your android phone.

2. Make sure your sim are not subscribed to any promo (sometimes this trick also works even you have promo but mostly not). so if you have promo with your sim wait till your promo expired.

3. Restart your phone (optional)

4. Go to your fovorite Sms apps and write a new message,..

text ROAM OFF and send it to 333 - wait for your provider reply and then ignore it. ๐Ÿ˜…

again text ROAM ON and send it to 333 - wait for your provider reply and again ignore it. ๐Ÿ˜…

5. Go to your phone settings/networking/mobile network settings and off your International Roaming then enable it again.

6. Turn off your mobile data connection.

7. Restart your phone.

8. After succesfull restart enable your mobile data connection and now you will see 3G/4G/LTE signal saying hi! hello! im here ๐Ÿ˜… 

Congrats now you can enjoy using your internet connection again. 
Remember: Prevention is better than any tricks so avoid downloading heavy files while using vpn.
Please share to us your result.

Goodluck and have a nice day :) 

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  1. working po b to sa ios? or pang android lang salamat po

  2. android palang po natest to, kung gumagamit ka ng vpn sa ios at nablock ka try mo lng din po ang procedure tas update mo po kami salamat kabayan.


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