How To Make Injector Config File Globe/TM/TNT Android 2017

How To Make Your Own HTTP Config File Globe/TM/Talkntext Free Server Android 2017

Today we will learn how to make your own HTTP Config File (Ehi)

What is ehi file? How to open ehi files?

File extension ehi is mainly related to the HTTP Injector, an application for Google Android operating system that allows users to set custom HTTP header.

It seems that ehi file contains configuration of Internet connection for Evozi HTTP Injector including security information and server login credentials.

How to make Ehi File?

Things we need:

1. Android device capable with H+/4g/LTE network.

2. Working mobile Sim with Promo/Globe Switch

3. HTTP Injector App by Evozi


1. Setup Sim APN to its default settings

Globe / TM - APN / /

Smart / TNT - APN

2. Run your HTTP Injector, Tap three-dotted icon in the upper rightside , select Clear Setting/Data.

3.  Slide your finger from Left to Right to open side Menu

4. Choose Payload Generator

5. Setup your Payload like on the Screenie below.

Smart / Talkntext

Now your Payload will looks like this

Globe / TM

Now your Payload will looks like this

6. Now you need SSH/Remote Proxy (Squid Proxy)

7. Slide again your finger from Left to Right, scroll down select Server

8. Choose Ok

9. Select one of the free Server available

10. Activate Remote Proxy then click Save

Now test your newly created config, before you click the start dont forget to checked  Start SSH


You can also make your own SSH Account for your personal use just select one of this free tunneling websites:

Question: What about URL/Host for Payload?

Sorry guys i'm not authorized to put any working Host here,  you can ask your fb friends, grp mates. or even me just post your fb account here i will try to reach you on fb messenger.

 1 hint for working Host : use host/url of what promo you registered like fb, twitter etc.

Goodluck!! Please Share your result Kabayan's :)

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