How to Bypass Android Password/Pattern/Pin 2017


Android is an array of software intended for mobile devices that features an operating system, core applications and middleware. An Android device may be a smartphone, tablet PC, e-book reader or any type of mobile device that requires an OS. Android is developed by the Open Handset Alliance, which is led by Google. As of now, there are over a billion android users. 

Every android user must be familiar with Pattern/PIN lock/Face Recognition, a security feature which ensures authorized access to their devices. But sometimes the users forget the pattern or they try the wrong pattern more than the permitted number of tries allowed, getting locked out. In this guide, I will show you how to break/bypass a pattern/PIN/Face protected android device.

Disclaimer; You are free to do this trick but im not the one who responsible for any damage you've done on your phone by doing this.


1. Android device with Custom Recovery like Cwm, TWRP, Xrec, Etc

2. Pattern-Password zip Download here


1. Download this zip Pattern Password Disable on your sd card 

2. Insert the sd card into your phone

3. Reboot into recovery mode

4. Flash the zip

5. Reboot

6. Done!

Note: After Restarting if it still asks any pattern/PIN, just try some random pattern/PIN

 Hacking someone's phone is a crime!!!!!!!!!

Goodluck and enjoy Kabayan's :)
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