Speed up Your Android Internet Connection

Want faster 3G? Here's how to get it.

Thanks to bahathir of XDA

Warning: Though the procedures we describe here have been checked to ensure your device's safety, any operation that involves rooting a device can potentially cause problems. Im not responsible for any damage that may be inadvertently caused to your device. Please back up all of your Android data before proceeding.

Things needed:

1. Rooted device

3. Rootexplorer or Es File EXplorer

Lets proceed.

1. Download the archive options.7z and extract it with an archive manager like 7Zip. You will find a file named Options.

2. Copy the Options file onto your device in a memorable location by connecting it to your PC or using the SD card, if available.

3. Install and open ES File Manager (or equivalent) and give it root permissions (Menu > Root Explorer > ON > Confirm).

4. Now find the options file from within the ES File Manage (press and hold and select Copy), which was previously transferred onto the device.

5. Go into the folder: (Device) "/ system / etc / ppp" and paste the Options file, which you just copied, into it.

6. Change the permissions of the Options file, (tap and hold on it: More > Properties>  Edit (Permissions) > then activate the three permissions under Readable (owner, group, other), deactivate the three under Writing, and activate the three under Execute. Now press OK. Next to Permissions you should now find writing like "r-x r-x r-x."

7. Reboot the device.

Screenshot of Permission:

Goodluck. Please share your result with us. Thanks..

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